Girls Camp
We wake the girls up at 7, eat breakfast by 7:30, then we get the horses from the pasture. The girls are in the saddle by about 9 am. They will ride for about an hour and a half in the morning, the rest of the time, they are either doing a craft, playing a game, or learning about horses. We’ll eat lunch together at noon. After, we will get the horses ready for another ride. The girls will again ride for about an hour and a half. If they aren’t riding, they are doing another craft, game, or learning activity. We’ll eat dinner, walk the horses back to pasture then spend the rest of the night playing group games and having some free time by the fire roasting marshmallows and making campfire food.
We do allow the campers to have their cell phones, but encourage them to leave it in the bunk house until they have free time. We tell them they can use it to call home, but if we see it used to frequently throughout the day, we will take it and give it to them at night to call home.
Yes, we want our campers to be as comfortable as possible, if they want to call home to tell parents or family about their day, we are glad to let them. We try to limit the conversations to 5-10 minutes max. and open the phone up around 8pm.
Yes, but we ask that the camper stays with the rest of the group throughout camp. If you’d like to see them before bed or throughout the day, we ask that the family comes to the lodge area where the girls are.
We want all girls to be able to attend camp. We ask that if they have any medications (including Advil and ibuprofen) that they bring them in the original containers. Counselors will take note of what medication is being brought in, what it’s for and when it should be administered. If the camper has any dietary restrictions, please note that on the registration form and we will accommodate. If there are any other medical concerns, please let us know what they are and we will try our best to accommodate.
Ages 7-16 are welcome at camp!
Dates are posted around December 1st for the following year's camps.
In the cabin we have a queen bed, full bed, twin bed, and futon.
In the camper we have a queen bed, two twin beds, a fold down table and fold down couch.
If we know who is in your party, we will do our best to get you close together.
Check-In is 2:00pm and Check-Out is 12:00pm. Please check with the office if you require a later check-out or earlier check-in time.
The office is open from 9am to 9pm daily.
We do not have a pool or a lake on site, but we are about 10 minutes away from the Chain O' Lakes as well as Hartman Creek State Park. Both are good for swimming, fishing, or being out on the water.
If there isn't enough room in your site, we do have additional parking available.
We are pet friendly, we just require them to be on a leash at all times and owners to clean up after their pets. You will be responsible for any damage caused by your pet.
We have free Wi-Fi throughout the campground.
Hartman Creek is about 10 minutes away. It has biking and hiking trails as well as kayak rentals. They also have a beach. This does require a state sticker or day pass for entry. We are about 20 minutes away from the Animal Haven Zoo and multiple Breweries.
Trail Rides
4-6 year olds ride double with an adult on the trails ($15/child). 7 year olds and older ride independently ($35/person). Anyone under the age of 4 isn’t able to go on our trail rides, but we offer hand held pony rides for them
The horses leave every hour on the hour starting at 10am, last ride leaving at 5pm every day from June through August and on the weekends before and after the summer months. Please be on time for your ride!
Yes, we want to have your horses ready for you. Give us a call at 715-824-5112 to make a reservation.
Our policy is that you must be under 240 lbs and be able to get on your horse unassisted.